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Take a walk and learn to see the ‘invisible’ actual reality hidden behind your assumptions & beliefs.

I’ve had opportunities to travel the world and work with companies in many different countries. One thing that is common to everywhere I’ve traveled is people want to feel they matter. It doesn’t matter if we are talking to home healthcare providers, an assembly line worker, a software developer, a machinist or a CEO they all seek:

  • Respect from their boss, their co-workers (peers) and a sense of dignity
  • Meaning in their life – live for something bigger than self
  • Want to have an Impact – pride in what they do, I matter, I make a difference

People also typically want opportunities to discover their own capabilities, opportunities for self-development.

5% to 10% of the companies in any given industry are highly effective at improving, most do an average Ok job of getting better. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could turn 5%/10% into 10%/20%! That is my goal (in my semi-retirement mode), to play a role in making that shift happen.

We are all leaders, responsible, at the very least, for guiding our own ship. I have had an opportunity to interact with many wonderful people over the years….and hope to continue to do so. I very much enjoy learning and quite passionate about improvement, both self and seeing organizations do a better job of passionately engaging their team in getting better.



Received the Mac McCulloch Life Time Achievement Award from the Association of Manufacturing Excellence in 2019


Received the Shingo Prize Research and Publication Award in 2016 for the “How to Do a Gemba Walk” book. Why did it get an Award? The examiner’s feedback report stated,
“How to Do a Gemba Walk should be required reading ….All leadership teams can learn from this e-book; it is overflowing with practical information that can be immediately put to use.”


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A Gemba Walk to Go See, Ask Why, and Show Respect is a key way to more actively engage people in performance improvement activities.

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Five Ingredients Missing in Most Improvement Recipes 1st Edition.
Taking a Gemba Walk to Go See, Ask Why, and Show Respect is a key way to more actively engage people in performance improvement activities. Even if you currently do Gemba Walks.

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We are living in a crazy time. Many organizations are likely to cease to exist. In some instances, this is due to their particular line of business and the COVID-19 pandemic (e.g., restaurants, beauty care, etc.), but other organizations will cease to exist or become much smaller due to choices made by the leadership team.

It is definitely a challenging period. As businesses begin to reopen and revive, here are 12 actions and choices that might increase their chances of future success:

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